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How to generate profit

Create Account & Business Profile

Create Account & Business Profile:

by creating an account with you have the opportunity to develop a business profile for your establishment, we provide a great platform to share important details about your business, create/upload a menu, post photos of your establishment and engage customers through verified reviews.

Create Traffic & Profit Drivers

Create Traffic & Drive Profit:

we offer a true FREE membership to restaurant owners, you will never have to pay us a monthly fee to use our platform. Just by becoming a member, you will have the ability to create vouchers, create deals, manage your reservation system, have your own validated review system and much more…

Fulfill Orders & Wow Your Customers

Fulfill Orders & Wow Your Customers:

now that you have the power and control to create profit drivers. With your profit for deals is greater than any other deal sites, you don't work for us, as a business partner, we are here to work for you. We make it so easy that when customers come to you, all you need to do is to verify certificates and apply offer to customer's check.

Receive Payment & Do It Again…

Receive Payment & Do It Again:

once customer's certificates are honored and redeemed, feel free to request payment for all your hard work, we will then send you payments to your Google® eWallet account on the 15th of each month. To drive business and customer's engagement, require members to have an ongoing voucher or deal offering active at all times. No worries, still is FREE.